At BELTON®, we believe that our customers’ satisfaction lies the ultimate route to our Group’s future growth and success. Therefore, to assist in achieving this, all levels of our dedicated staff members are continuously adopting Total Quality Management system to continuously review and improve the overall operational efficiency of the group. As a result, BELTON® group is able to provide premium quality products and services at competitive prices. The group is working very closely with its associate partners to continuously develop new products and services to further enhance its presence in the automotive components manufacturing industry and stay ahead of its competitors in this highly competitive market.


BELTON® places most priority in maximizing its shareholders profits whilst pursuing sound business principles, practicing effective resource and responsible environmental management.


BELTON®, together with its strong global clientele network embarks into the new millennium with a mission to be a leading World Class Manufacturing Group that consistently and promptly delivers superior quality automotive components and specialty fastening products worldwide.