BELTON® Group initially started out producing a small range of automotive suspension parts for the Replacement Market (REM) in the late seventies. Currently, BELTON® has successfully established a large local distribution network comprising more than 1200 outlets.



APC Marketing Sdn Bhd is an importer and wholesaler in suspension and wheel-hub components. The products cover a full range of vehicles from passage to heavy commercial vehicles.


Our company is one of the largest distributors of suspension components in Malaysia with products such as Brake Drum, Brake Disc, Centre Bolt & Nut, Hub Bolts, King Pin Kit, Leaf Spring, Spring Bush, Spring Pins, U-Bolts and other related components. Our company also exports products to S.E.Asian Market such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Brunei. Our company emphasises of service excellence and high-quality products enable to build a strong and loyal customer base. We are ready and able to meet the needs of our customer in tomorrow’s market.